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Debut / Souvenir cards
  • Introduction

The “Debut Cards” were designed to document the evolution of the Disney Dollar. They are like FDC (First Day Covers), where Philatelist (stamp collectors) collect stamps on an envelope and have the Government cancel them to show that these were the earliest use of the new stamp. Before FDC became a mainstay, Philatelists collected earliest use on cover.

The Debut Cards try to capture this Philatelist trend to capture earliest usage. This also becomes a historical documents that chronicle the evolution of the Disney Dollar and captures their place in time. The use of the US Post Office is critical. By Law the cancellation of a postage stamp can only occur on the date the stamp is submitted. The Debut Cards uses this Federal Law to assure that these cards were actually present on the day they were cancelled. The US government is very careful about overseeing this Law.


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