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Graded bills

What is a graded bill ?

Techniques such as UV light and ultra-magnification are used by professional currency graders. in order to determine a notes authenticity and condition. Any tampering will also be detected during the grading process. Once the grading is complete, the notes are stored in protective museum-quality holders, made of materials like mylar.

Each bill is  examined by at least two graders to determine a grade that is based upon strict, objective, published standards.

If professionaly managed, with a graded bill you can be sure that his grade is authentic. An ungraded bill is ultimately a matter of opinion, for a person one bill is in uncirculated condition for other not so good. In the internet the condition of a bill is an opinion of one person, the seller.

One exemple, the next two bills, $5 AA series 2002 with Snow White, both in uncirculated condition, the graded banknote we usually find for $200,00 the ungraded bill for $100,00.

So, graded bills can be bought and sold with confidence in their condition and authenticity.  This is especially important to consider when buying rare and expensive Disney Dollars. 

If you trust in your source or don’t have suficient money to buy graded bills, ungraded could be a good possibility and you will save perhaps hundreds of bucks.

Happy hunting !


PMG Paper Money Grading Scale

PMG uses a 70-point numerical scale derived from the internationally recognized Sheldon grading scale. The following descriptions show how a note’s condition is reflected by the grades assigned by PMG.

Only the 6 higher grades are presented here. Notes must qualify for PMG’s Exceptional Paper Quality (EPQ) designation to be graded 65 and higher.