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Welcome to the 2023 edition of the Standard Catalog of Disney Dollars, thanks for visiting us, enjoy this free catalog.

You will find here all 171 Disney Dollars ever issued and 2 framed editions with complete information including his value. This value is based (uncirculated bills) in market values, like online sites, auctions and other sources. The prices refer to bills without being graded.

You’ll find some curiosities about Disney Dollars, his history, a checklist to check your collection, proofs, specimen, special serials, errors, some statistics that maybe you don’t ever think that exist and other types of Disney early bills, like coupons and Disney cones.

One chapter dedicated to Debut Cards, the unknown and very difficut collection, joining Disney dollars and Disney stamps in a mounted card and a chapter dedicated to Disney dollars – with First Day Disney stamps Issue.

A chapter never seen it before dedicated to Disney covers, a forgotten collection, not simple as you can think, here you’ll find several variations and complete a collection it’s not a easy task.

The most recente Disney Dollars – the Tokyo Disneyland Gift Cards and Disney Sea Gift Card.

The numbering system used in this catalog is unique.

Enjoy the following video (25:22) of Walt Disney and Disney dollars presentation:

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Paper Money Book