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Proofs, Specimen, Errors

Specimen bills

All Disney Dollars, except for Proof or Specimens have a unique serial number assigned to it and the series year.

Specimen Dollars are printed well ahead of the final release for the series for that denomination. The purpose of the Specimen note is to test the size & placement of the Disney character used, paper weight, Ink quality and overall inspection of the specifications for that Disney Dollar series design. The Disney Specimen note does not have a serial number assigned to it at this stage (except those with zeros serial number).

Series 1987 ‘D’, 1 dollar with black central diagonal ‘SPECIMEN’ overprint, serial D00000000A
Series 1995, 5 dollars with red central diagonal ‘SPECIMEN’ overprint and perforated, no serial

The word “SPECIMEN” is often placed somewhere on the note or 00000000’s (zeros) are where the assigned serial number would go. Specimen Dollars are not printed for release or circulation for the Disney theme parks, but as any currency, a few ends up in collectors hands and though can be pricey, are a very sought after Disney Dollar for collectors to have in their collections.

SERIES 1997, 5 dollars with red ‘SPECIMEN’ overprint on right, no serial

SERIES 1987 – Anaheim, 1 dollar with red right ‘SPECIMEN’ overprint and perforated, no serial

Proof bills

Proof Disney Dollars are also printed ahead of the actual release date for a Disney series. The Disney Proof note is also printed to test the final specifications of the Disney character size, color and placement, final paper weight, ink quality and other specifications for that Disney Dollar series being printed that year.

2007 SERIES, 5 dollars – proof, no serial

Disney Dollar proofs are printed in sheets of 18 notes and most of the sheets are numbered, but we have found some sheets that were not numbered. Disney Proof Dollars ARE printed and purposely meant for early release into the Disney theme parks, unlike the Disney Specimen Dollars.

Uncut sheets

The following sheet numbered as 02 to 25A that means second printed sheet in 25 for Anaheim (A), so there are in total, 25 sheets x 18 notes = 450 proofs for this year / park / value.

SERIES 1995, 10 dollars, uncut sheet proof of 18 bills, no serial, sheet 3 of 25A printed

Other Disney Dollars proofs:

Progress proof

Disney Dollars Progress Proof

SERIES 1987 – Anaheim, 1 dollar, progress proof, missing overprint, no border, no serial number

Die proof

1987-88, large die proof of the 1 dollar borders, Tinkerbell vignette and “1” denomination intaglio printed on glossy white paper. Mickey Mouse security outline with latent watermark. Missing central vignette and underprint. Printed in black.

1987-88, two uncut large die proof of the 5 dollars, border of note with Tinkerbell and ‘5’ denominations printed in black on ‘USBN’ watermarked paper.Mickey Mouse Latent image logo in middle left.

Mockup or model

1987, 5 dollars, mockup or model of front design in large format with clear overlays, 9.5 by 3.5 inches. Notation on top states “63% size of this”. Dated 2-4-1987. Outline of frame of Disney dollars first issue. Tinkerbell on left and right. “5” denominations upper and lower corners. “D” with circles to look like Mickey Mouse logo on left. No vignette. Mounted on large card.

◊ Error bills

A rare error, a normal front  in a 1987 – ‘Anaheim’ one dollar with a blank back

SERIES 1987A, error in serial # printing