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Special Serial numbers

All Disney Dollars, except Proofs, have unique serial numbers to their series (eg. Pirates of The Caribbean) and denomination (eg. $1, $5, $10, $50). The serial number consists of a prefix, followed by a number (and possibly a suffix). Bear in mind matching sets, different denominations with the same serial number in the same set, can be quite valuable.


This points to where the note came from and can affect the note’s value, depending on the rarity of that note from that source.

  • A, B, E = Disneyland California

  • D, F = Disney World Florida

  • T = Disney Store


The earlier the Disney Dollar was produced, the lower the number. The number can affect value in a few ways.

  • Lower numbered notes are more desirable

  • Special sequences (eg. Birthdays – 00081194, Palindromes – 01677610) can be valuable to the right collector

Suffix- Doesn’t Affect Value

A suffix (eg. A) doesn’t affect a notes value since it doesn’t vary within its series.

Serial numbers that can increase the value of a bill

  • Consecutive serial #
  • Low serial #
  • Matching serial #

Other serial #:

  • Solid numbers: 44444444.
  • Radar numbers: 01544510.
  • Ladder serial numbers: 12345678 (up) and 87654321 (down).
  • Repeater or stutter notes: 47474747, 12341234, 75475475, 00557557.
  • Progressive number sets: 00000003, 00000033, 00000333 etc.