Paper Money Book
The Early Years
1933-36 Official Mickey Mouse

Official Mickey Mouse

The available information is not much, so that’s possible in future edition of this catalog the information could be development.

This is the first Disney produced notes that resemble a dollar. In the 30’s Disney put out these cone money. Each were redeemable for an ice cream cone.

– Characteristics:

 “K-K Inc. by permission of Walt Disney Enterprises Ltd.” shown below the Mickey image in the center indicates that this bill was part of the original issue by Kay Kamen’s Company.

It measures 13,97 cm (5 1/2 inches) x 6,51 cm (2 9/16 inches).

Mickey Mouse as main figure on front, denomination in large font central on back.

Several images of Mickey and Pluto on front and back.

◊ 1933 Mickey Mouse Cones

Mickey Mouse Cones’ bills were first issued in 1933 by a marketing company (Kay Kamen) hired by Disney to promote the Mickey Mouse brand.

During 1933, Kamen, a merchandise marketer sought out Walt Disney with an idea for a IOU that could be exchanged for an Ice Cream cone. (Hence the name ‘Cones Dollar’)

Originally the bills were awarded at the theater Mickey Mouse Club meetings on Saturday afternoon as part of a promotion to give away 1 million ice cream cones.

This early notes were exchanged at Mickey Mouse Clubs in theatres and cinemas and a number were also given away as FREE gifts in the ‘Micky Mouse’ Magazine. These magazines were available in large US department stores.

The bills were printed in denomination of 1 cent in magenta, blue, green and orange colors.

◊ 1936 Southern Dairies Ice Cream

In 1936, the Southern Dairies Company, Atlanta merchant, obtained a license from Disney to print these bills as well, the later bills state “Southern Dairies” on them. The bills were printed in denominations of 1, 5 & 10 cents in magenta color.

◊ Spingle – Bell – Chicko – k Mickey Mouse

Printed on magenta color. On back, under denomination “Leo Hart CO., Rochester, N.Y.”

◊ Mickey Mouse

Three denominations, 1, 5 and 10 cents all in blue color.

– The merchant represented on this note on back is the H. LEH & CO. of Allentown, (PA), a department store in operation for over 140 years.

‘Mickey Mouse’ with Pedigree Given Due To; Grieve, Bisset & Holland, Inc. Stamp on Back.