Paper Money Book

The 5 Pound banknote (US6.37; €5.48) P-42; B-136 is a remarkable piece characterized by its verdant Green shade, with dimensions measuring 125 x 65 mm.

On the front side, the regal countenance of Queen Elizabeth II takes center stage, a representation of enduring leadership. Accompanying her is the coat of arms of a castle, prominently displaying a key—a symbol of authority. The crenellated castle tower, ingeniously integrated as a registration device, adds an element of intricate artistry.

Turning the banknote reveals the reverse side adorned with another crenellated castle tower, echoing the theme of strength and heritage. The map of Europe speaks to the continent’s significance, while Windsor Bridge adds a touch of architectural splendor.

Incorporating robust security features, a holographic windowed security thread gleams with a demetalized numeral 5—a testament to modern anti-counterfeiting technology. This sophisticated detail further fortifies the note’s authenticity.

The watermark, meticulously crafted, showcases the dignified visage of Queen Elizabeth II alongside an electrotype tiara and the denomination £5. The inclusion of cornerstones in the watermark further attests to the banknote’s genuineness.

This masterpiece was expertly printed by De La Rue, a renowned London-based printer (England) known for its excellence in currency production. The banknote bears the imprint date of August 21, 2020. Distinguished by the prefix “B/AA,” it was introduced into circulation on December 1, 2021. The note’s second signature adds a final touch of authority and authenticity.

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