Paper Money Book

The 200 Som banknote, P-37; B-238, valued at US$2.52 or €2.17, showcases a vibrant yellow color and measures 138 x 66 mm.

Its front design features an intricate ornament with the denomination in gold-to-jade Optically Variable Ink (OVI), alongside a portrait of the esteemed poet and playwright Alykul Osmonov. The backdrop depicts forested mountains, complemented by a diamond pattern serving as a registration device. On the reverse side, a diamond pattern is repeated, accompanied by lines from Osmonov’s “Jenishbek” regarding Lake Issyk-Kul and scenic mountains.

To fortify its security, the banknote incorporates a RAPID HD Detect windowed security thread, ensuring authenticity. Moreover, a watermark depicting Alykul Osmonov alongside an electrotype 200 further enhances its genuineness.

Dated 2023, this banknote was introduced on May 10 of the same year. Notably, the signature of Kubanychbek Bokontayev serves as a testament to its validity. Through its detailed design elements and robust security features, the 200 Som banknote commemorates cultural heritage while maintaining trust and integrity in circulation.

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