Paper Money Book

“Defense of the Polish Eastern Border” commemorative issue

The 20 zloty (US$5.11; €4.40) banknote, P-196; BNP826 is colored in shades of brown and grey and measures 150 x 77 mm.

On the front of the note, you will see two border guard soldiers dressed in camouflage uniforms and holding binoculars and assault rifles. The coat of arms with a crowned eagle and a fighter jet as a registration device can also be seen. The map of Poland’s eastern border and denomination in SPARK Live is also featured.

On the back of the note, there is a Black Hawk helicopter flying low over a village, and a fighter jet is used as a registration device. The coat of arms with a crowned eagle is also present.

To ensure its security, the banknote has a green-and-gold windowed security thread. Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych S.A. (PWPW) printed the note. The watermark features the bank logo with an electrotype NBP.

The banknote was dated 18 STYCZNIA 2022 and has the prefix RP. It was introduced for circulation on the 19th of July, 2022. The banknote quantity was limited to 80,000. The signatures of Adam Glapiński and Barbara Jaroszek are on the note.

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