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“Lech Kaczyński” Commemorative Issue

This P-195 and BNP825 is a resplendent in an engaging blend of orange and blue hues, this note boasts dimensions of 150 x 77 mm. Its construction is fortified by the utilization of GUARDIAN® polymer material, a choice that ensures both resilience and durability.

The obverse side of the banknote showcases a prominent portrayal of Lech Kaczyński, adorned by the resolute proclamation “Warto być Polakiem” (It’s worth being a Pole). Additionally, the illustrious President’s Palace, previously recognized as the Koniecpolski Palace, stands center stage. This historic structure is complemented by the presence of an equestrian statue of Prince Józef Poniatowski, epitomizing the nation’s cultural and historical identity.

Flipping the note exposes an equally captivating panorama. The “Lenin” Shipyard in Gdańsk/Danzig, accompanied by a rally of shipyard workers in protest, captures the fervor of collective action. The emblem of the Solidarność Union serves as a symbol of unity and strength. A poignant representation of hands forming the “Victory” sign reflects the collective aspirations of the people. A button bearing an eagle, reminiscent of a Polish officer’s uniform piece found in Katyn, echoes the nation’s history. The gate fragment from the Polish military cemetery in Katyn, surrounded by trees and stones, pays homage to the fallen. The Warsaw Rising Museum, featuring the “Monter” SPARK Live bell, stands as a testament to resilience and commemoration.

Security is enhanced by a windowed security thread with demetalized markings, a feature designed to deter counterfeiting. The esteemed Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych S.A. (PWPW) undertook the responsibility of printing this banknote, aligning with their reputation for precision and security.

A watermark featuring an eagle and an electrotype 20 adds another layer of authenticity and security. The date, meticulously recorded as April 10th, 2021, signifies an important milestone. Notably, the prefix “LK” accompanies the serial number, and the note officially entered circulation on November 9th, 2021.

A limited quantity of 80,000 notes were produced, each a testament to the nation’s historical and contemporary narrative. The signatures of Adam Glapiński and Barbara Jaroszek serve as a personal endorsement of the banknote’s legitimacy and significance.

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