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Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Independence

The 60th Anniversary of Independence banknote (P-46; B-122) with dimensions of 140 x 72 mm, represents a significant milestone for Samoa. Celebrating six decades of independence, this commemorative note captures the essence of Samoan culture, history, and national pride.

The front side of the banknote showcases a harmonious blend of English and Samoan text, symbolizing the cultural diversity and bilingual nature of the country. A prominent feature is the fly whisk, serving as the registration device, which holds cultural significance as a symbol of authority and leadership in Samoan traditions. Adjacent to it, the Samoan flag gently flutters against the backdrop of a picturesque shoreline, representing the nation’s beauty and connection to the sea.

Emblazoned proudly on the banknote is the 60th anniversary logo, a mark of celebration and achievement. Another notable inclusion is the image of the current Prime Minister, Fiame Naomi Matāa’fa, a respected leader who exemplifies Samoa’s progress and resilience. The coat of arms, a symbol of national identity and unity, is also prominently displayed.

Flipping the banknote reveals a scene of historical significance. English and Samoan text grace the back side, accompanied by the coat of arms and the Samoan flag hoisted on a pole. Depicted is a significant moment in history: the lowering of the flags by Samoan Prime Minister Fiame Matāa’fa Faumuina Mulinuu II and New Zealand Prime Minister Keith Holyoake on the momentous Independence Day, June 1, 1962. This event marked the formal establishment of Samoa as an independent nation.

Incorporating advanced security features, the banknote aims to ensure its integrity and authenticity. A blue-to-green windowed security thread, bearing the demetalized fly whisk and the number 60, enhances its anti-counterfeit measures. Additionally, a watermark of the Teuila flower, a national symbol of Samoa, and the electrotype CBS further contribute to the banknote’s security features.

The printer of the banknote is De La Rue, although the specific date of issuance is not mentioned, the banknote’s prefix is ST, and it is introduced to the public on May 31, 2023.

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