Paper Money Book

The 5,000 Sum banknote P-88; B-218, with a value of US$0.49 or €0.42, is a vivid testament to culture and value. Measuring 142 x 69 mm and adorned in a rich palette of green, brown, and blue, it stands as both a symbol of financial worth and a celebration of Uzbekistan’s heritage.

The front of the banknote is adorned with Uzbek text, featuring a denomination in magenta-to-green Optically Variable Ink (OVI), a visual marvel that changes color with perspective. The winged leopard, acting as a registration device, adds a touch of mystique. The Sherdor Madrasasi in Samarqand graces the note, and a map of Uzbekistan highlights caravan routes, emphasizing the nation’s historical significance. Textile patterns and the coat of arms further enhance the note’s cultural resonance.

Turning the note, the back continues the narrative with Uzbek text, alongside the Afrosiyob archaeological monument and a depiction of a 10th-century tray and jug from Afrosiab. The winged leopard and an intricate embroidery design add an artistic touch.

Security is of paramount importance, as exemplified by the 2-mm wide windowed security thread with the demetalized letters “UZB.” Crafted by Uzbekistan itself, this banknote reflects the nation’s commitment to quality. The watermark, portraying a camel alongside the electrotype number 5000, adds an additional layer of authenticity.

Dated as 2021 and introduced on August 20, 2021, this banknote marks a significant moment in Uzbekistan’s history. The prefix “BC” signifies a series of notes united by their heritage.

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