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World banknotes

  • All world current and commemorative banknotes
  • 100 complete countries and territories
  • +10000 (front and back) HQ banknotes images
  • 1427 current banknotes
  • 574 commemoratives banknotes
  • Detailed banknote information, signatures, prefixes …
  • Issuer banknote name, ISO code
  • Withdrawn and exchangeable dates
  • Future banknotes issues
  • Country currency history
  • Foreign Exchange Table
  • Daily face value for all banknotes in euro and dollars
  • Price for obsolete banknotes
  • SCWPM (Pick) and The Banknote Book numbers
  • Terms of import and export currencies
  • Central bank video
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  • All (172) Disney Dollars (front/back) by years in HQ images 
  • Detailed information
  • History of Disney Dollars
  • Proofs, specimen and errors
  • Disney Dollars serial numbers
  • Covers (envelopes) a forgotten collection
  • Curiosities
  • Numbers (statistics)
  • Checklist to control your collection
  • The early bills (1933-36 Official Mickey Mouse, 1968-69 Operation M.O.U.S.E., 1971-72 Recreation Coupon)
  • El Capitan Theatre
  • Debut cards – a mix of Disney Dollars and Disney Stamps
  • Tokyo Gift Cards (Tokyo Disney dollars)
Paper Money Book is an excellent tool for all banknote collectors, including advanced collectors like me, I always find several information that I never had seen before.
World banknotes
Herbert Schäfer
This is the best online tool for world banknote collectors. What I really appreciated is to know the actual cotation for current banknotes, for all banknotes in world, it's really a must.
World banknotes
John Prince
I'm a new guy, but with several years of collecting banknotes and the worst thing for me when I go to annual fairs is carrying a heavy catalogue, now I just go with my phone.
World banknotes
Clayton Nascimento