Paper Money Book

The 1,000 Leke (US$9.41; €8.09) banknote P-78; B-324, is adorned with a vibrant Green color palette and measures a stately 139 x 69 mm.

The front side of the banknote pays homage to Pjetër Bogdani (1625-1689), an illustrious figure in Albanian literature renowned for his writings and clerical contributions. His portrait is sourced from the frontispiece of his masterpiece “Çeta e profetëve” (Cuneus prophetarum), accompanied by the radiant symbol of the sun, which holds significance in his work.

Turning the banknote reveals a representation of Bogdani’s interpretation of the heliocentric system, showcasing his visionary mindset. The Catholic Church in Vau i Dejës further enhances the note’s cultural significance.

Incorporating robust security elements, a threaded strip reveals a safety thread with an unbroken dark line, where the values “1000 Lekë” and a stylized sun symbol are distinguished. These features serve to protect against counterfeiting and enhance the note’s authenticity. The watermark, a hallmark of genuine currency, unveils the portrait of the depicted figure, along with the nominal value of “1000 Lekë” and a stylized eagle symbol.

De La Rue, a prestigious printer based in London, England, is credited with the meticulous creation of this banknote. The year 2019 marks its issuance, and it bears the prefix “GB.” On June 30, 2021, this currency was introduced into circulation, signifying its integration into the economy. The authoritative signatures of Gent Sejko, Governor, and Stefan Sevo, Director of the Department of Issue, lend credibility to this exceptional banknote.

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