Albania new 10,000 leke banknote

The 10,000 Leke (US$94.05; €80.86) banknote P-81; B-327, boasts a captivating Red hue and measures a substantial 160 x 72 mm.

The front side of the banknote is adorned with the portrait of Asdreni, prominently positioned on the left. The text “BANKA E SHQIPËRISË,” “DHJETË MIJË LEKË,” and the inscription “ASDRENI (Aleksandër Stavre Drenova) 1872 – 1947” pay tribute to this eminent figure.

Turning the banknote reveals a selection of figurative symbols reflecting the national flag and a verse from the national anthem: “Rreth flamurit të përbashkuar me një dëshir’ e një qëllim.” This resonates with the theme of national pride.

Incorporating robust security measures, the banknote employs a security thread that appears as a dark, unbroken line with a face value of 10,000 Lekë and a stylized pen. The safety thread transitions from green to purple, enhancing its security. A hologram silvery stripe on the left reveals the Bank of Albania’s logo, Asdreni’s portrait, the nominal value of 10,000 Lekë, and a book with a feather. Additionally, SPARK LIVE, an open book with a feather at the top right corner, dynamically shifts color from gold to green with an up-and-down visual effect. An iridescent stripe on the back, situated at the center, reveals the value of 10,000 Lekë with a glossy finish.

The watermark is a hallmark of authenticity, showcasing the portrait of the figure depicted on the banknote, the nominal value of 10,000 Lekë, and the stylized eagle symbol.

The distinguished De La Rue, hailing from London, England, is responsible for the impeccable creation of this banknote. With an issuance date in 2019, the banknote is identified by the prefix “SA.” On June 30, 2021, this currency was introduced into circulation, marking its integration into the economy. The signatures of Gent Sejko, Governor, and Stefan Sevo, Director of the Department of Issue, lend an authoritative touch to this exceptional banknote. The note’s theme, centered around the national anthem and its esteemed author Asdreni, adds depth and significance to its design.

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