Paper Money Book


The 2,000 Leke (US$18.81; €16.17) banknote P-79; B-325, boasts an enchanting hue of Purple and spans dimensions of 145 x 72 mm.

The front side of the note proudly features the portrait of King Gent of Illyria (181-168 BC), a multifaceted historical figure celebrated as a statesman, warrior, and pioneer in the field of medicine. His legacy also includes the enrichment of the treasury and the minting of bronze coins bearing his name. An ingenious use of the coat of arms as a registration device adds a touch of elegance.

Flipping the banknote, the reverse side is adorned with the coat of arms and a striking representation of antiquity architecture, paying homage to Albania’s rich heritage. Prominently displayed is the Gentiana lutea, a medicinal herb whose healing properties were discovered by none other than King Gent himself. The note’s design is further enriched with a stylized detail of a Liburnian ship, resonating with the maritime history of the region.

Incorporating cutting-edge security features, a windowed security thread gleams with a demetalized rendering of “2000” and a flower motif. This intricate detail contributes to the note’s robust security profile.

The watermark is a work of art in itself, showcasing the visage of Gentius alongside an electrotype “2000” and the coat of arms. This watermark is a testament to the note’s authenticity and historical significance.

This exceptional banknote was meticulously produced by De La Rue, a distinguished printer hailing from London, England. The note carries the year of issuance, 2020, and is identified with the prefix “KA.” Its introduction to circulation occurred on January 17, 2022, signifying its integration into the economy. The signatures of Gent Sejko, Governor, and Stefan Sevo, Director of the Department of Issue, add the final strokes of authority to this remarkable currency.

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