Albania new 500 Leke banknote


The 500 Leke (US$4.70; €4.04) banknote P-77; B-323, showcases a captivating hue of Blue, and boasts dimensions of 130 x 69 mm.

The front of the banknote is graced by the portrait of Ismail Qemal Bej Vlora (1844-1919), an eminent figure in the Albanian national movement and the first Prime Minister of an independent Albania. The double-headed eagle, a symbol of the nation’s resilience and identity, stands alongside. Ingeniously, the coat of arms is employed as a registration device, adding a touch of sophistication.

Flipping the banknote, the reverse side is adorned with the coat of arms and offers a view of the building where the Provisional Government of Vlora operated—now the esteemed National Museum of Independence. A stylized depiction of the room where Albania’s declaration of independence was forged, coupled with an image of the telegraph transmitting the historic news, commemorates a pivotal moment in history.

The banknote incorporates advanced security features. A windowed security thread shines with a demetalized “500” and another, unknown design, enhancing the note’s security profile. The watermark is a testament to authenticity, displaying the visage of Ismail Qemali alongside an electrotype “500” and the coat of arms.

This remarkable banknote was meticulously crafted by De La Rue, a prestigious printer hailing from London, England. The year of issuance, 2020, is inscribed on the note, and it is identified by the prefix “DB.” On January 17, 2022, it was introduced into circulation, marking its integration into the economy. The signatures of Gent Sejko, Governor, and Stefan Sevo, Director of the Department of Issue.

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