Paper Money Book

Celebrating the 58 th Anniversary of Independence

The 2,000 Dinar banknote, equivalent to US$15.44 or €13.28, P-147 and B-412, displaying a harmonious color palette of gray, blue, and green. Its dimensions stand at 160 x 71.7 mm.

The obverse side of the note presents an illustrious lineup of six FLN leaders who played pivotal roles in the War of Independence: Rabah Bitat, Mostefa Ben Boulaïd, Mourad Didouche, Mohammed Boudiaf, Krim Belkacem, and Larbi Ben M’Hidi. Their resolute faces are a tribute to their commitment to the nation’s struggle for freedom. An expansive holographic band on this side showcases the portrait of Prince Abdul Qadir, a symbol of valor and leadership.

Flipping the banknote reveals a captivating panorama. The back features the Royal Mausoleum in Patna, a site of historical reverence, as well as the subterranean water conduit of Beni Fought in Adrar, both testaments to the nation’s rich heritage. Adding an extra layer of security, a windowed security thread runs through the note, accompanied by demetalized Arabic text.

A distinctive winged security thread embellishes the banknote, reflecting the meticulous attention to security measures. Impressively, the Bank of Algeria undertook the responsibility of printing this banknote, ensuring its quality and authenticity. Though the specifics of the watermark remain undisclosed, it serves as an intrinsic feature contributing to the banknote’s character.

The banknote bears the date of July 5th, 2020, signifying an important moment in time. Furthermore, it was introduced into circulation on March 18th, 2021, marking a significant addition to the country’s currency landscape.

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