Azerbaijan 1-manat introduced on Jan/2021

Introducing the 1 Manat banknote P-38; B-408, a tribute to value and cultural heritage, valued at US$0.59 or €0.50. This note, adorned in an elegant gray hue, measures 120 x 70 mm, exuding a sense of significance and artistry.

The front of the note is a symphony of culture – Azerbaijan musical instruments and musical notes intertwine, celebrating the nation’s artistic legacy. A Gold to green SPARK® Live effect graces the treble clef, adding a touch of enchantment. A visually impaired recognition feature enhances inclusivity at the left and right borders.

Turning the note reveals the essence of Azerbaijan – a map spans the scene, embodying the nation’s identity and unity. Windows are a tribute to the nation’s architectural splendor, offering a glimpse into its soul.

A Gold to green RollingStar® security thread, demetalized with 1 and AMB, stands as a sentinel against counterfeit endeavors. The note’s creation is attributed to the Oesterreichische Banknoten und Sicherheitsdruck GmbH (OBS) in Vienna, Austria.

Watermarks validate the note’s authenticity – coats of arms and an electrotype 1 serve as a mark of legitimacy. Dated 2020 and marked with the prefix B, this banknote was introduced in January 2020, carrying the signature of Elman Rustamov. With the theme of culture and art, this 1 Manat note encapsulates a nation’s legacy and creativity, making it a vessel of both value and expression.

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