Azerbaijan 10-manat banknote

The 10 Manat (US$5.87; €5.05) banknote, P-40; B-410, boasts a harmonious fusion of history and innovation. Its vibrant green color and dimensions of 134 x 70 mm make it an artistic and practical piece of currency.

On the obverse, a resplendent sailing ship takes center stage, rendered in a mesmerizing green-to-blue SPARK Live effect. Surrounding it are remarkable landmarks: the Old Baku cityscape, the majestic Shirvanshahs Palace, and the iconic Maiden Tower accompanied by the ancient fortress walls. This composition embodies the spirit of Azerbaijan’s rich heritage and cultural significance.

Flipping the note reveals an equally captivating reverse. Adorned with traditional Azeri carpet ornaments, it exudes the country’s artistic legacy. A map of Azerbaijan is thoughtfully integrated, emphasizing its geographical and cultural diversity.

The banknote’s security features are equally impressive. A RollingStar LEAD holographic stripe, a pinnacle of modern security, graces the currency, adding a layer of protection against counterfeiting. The green-to-blue RollingStar security thread, when observed through a window, showcases a mesmerizing play of colors. The demetalized inscription of “AMB 10” further enhances its authenticity.

The watermark, a dual representation of coats of arms and an electrotype “10,” stands as a hallmark of the note’s integrity. Dated 2021 with the prefix “A,” the banknote bears the distinctive signature of Elman Rustamov, a notable figure in Azerbaijan’s financial landscape.

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