Paper Money Book

Introducing the 5 Manat banknote P-39; B-409, worth of US$2.94 or €2.52. Measuring 127 x 70 mm, this note exudes warmth in its rich brown hue, capturing attention and respect.

The front of the note draws us into the world of knowledge and literature. Books and a quill pen pay homage to the art of writing, while the SPARK® Live effect transitions from gold to green on an inkwell, creating a mesmerizing visual display. An innovative feature at the left and right border caters to visually impaired individuals, promoting inclusivity.

On the back, a map of Azerbaijan graces the scene, woven with stylized figures that celebrate the nation’s identity and diversity.

Security is paramount – a gold to green Rollingstar® security thread, demetalized with “5” and “AMB,” safeguards against counterfeit attempts. The note’s origins are marked by the prestigious Oesterreichische Banknoten und Sicherheitsdruck GmbH (OBS) in Vienna, Austria.

The watermark is a tapestry of coats of arms and the electrotype “5,” signifying authenticity. Dated 2020, with a prefix “A” and introduced in January under the signature of Elman Rustamov. Its theme of writing and literature underscores its cultural significance, making it a bridge between value and heritage.

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