Azerbaijan new 500 manat banknote

“First Anniversary of Victory in the 44-Day Patriotic War”


Introducing the 500 Manat banknote P-45; B-415, a tribute to value and national pride, equivalent to US$293.69 or €252.49. This note, in a vibrant green hue, stands tall at 165 x 70 mm, commanding attention and reverence.

The front is a celebration of the land – tulips and the Kharibulbul (Ophrys caucasica) flower grace the scene, paying homage to nature’s beauty. Soldiers, holding the flag high, symbolize unity and strength. Ilham Aliyev’s rallying cry “QARABAĞ AZƏRBAYCANDIR!” (Karabakh is Azerbaijan!) resounds, commemorating 8th November 2020. An anniversary logo and the Khudafar stone bridge, historic and iconic, add depth to the narrative.

Flipping the note reveals the heart of Azerbaijan – the Askeran fortress stands as a testament to history and resilience. The mausoleum of poet Molla Panah Vagif, known as The Learned One, in Shusha, is a tribute to culture and literature. The map of Azerbaijan completes the image, underscoring the nation’s identity.

A Gold-to-green windowed security thread, demetalized with AMB 500, stands guard against counterfeits. The note is crafted by Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) in Germany, a mark of quality.

Watermarks tell their own story – the coat of arms and an electrotype 500 are a seal of authenticity. Dated 2021 and marked with the prefix A, this banknote was introduced on 4th November 2021. With a limited quantity of 1,000,000, this 500 Manat note encapsulates Azerbaijan’s heritage, resilience, and national spirit.

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