Paper Money Book

Introducing the 20 Manat banknote P-41; B-411, with a value of US$11.75 or €10.10. This note, adorned in a verdant green hue, stands at 141 x 70 mm, exuding a sense of significance and culture.

The front of the note is a tribute to valor – helmets, sword, and shields stand as symbols of strength and courage. These elements evoke the spirit of history and the nation’s resilience.

Flipping the note reveals the heart of Azerbaijan – a map stretches across, encapsulating the nation’s identity and unity. This representation underscores the significance of the land.

A Gold-to-green RollingStar LEAD Mix windowed security thread, demetalized with AMB 20, stands as a sentinel against forgery. The watermark is a symphony of authenticity – the Khari bulbul and an electrotype 20 create a seal of legitimacy.

Dated 2021 and bearing the prefix A, this banknote was introduced on 10th February 2022, bearing the signature of Elman Rustamov. The theme of Karabach underscores its cultural and historical significance, making it more than just currency – it is a vessel of heritage, valor, and unity.

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