Paper Money Book

“Padma Bridge” Commemorative Issue

The 100 Taka banknote, P-70 and BNP307, holds a value of US$1.18 or €1.01. It displays a vibrant color combination of orange and purple, perfectly encompassing the nation’s essence. Its dimensions stand at 140 x 62 mm, offering a compact yet impactful presence.

The front of the banknote portrays two esteemed figures: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Prime Minister Hasina Wajed. Their presence pays tribute to their significant roles in the nation’s history. The iconic Bangabandhu/Jomunā Bridge is prominently displayed, serving as a symbol of connectivity and progress.

On the reverse side, the Padma Bridge takes center stage, representing the nation’s commitment to infrastructural development and advancement.

To bolster its security, a Kinetic StarChrome® windowed security thread is incorporated, providing an innovative layer of protection against counterfeit attempts. The banknote is printed by the Security Printing Corporation Limited (SPCBL) in Bangladesh, ensuring the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

The watermark is a fusion of artistry and security, featuring Sheikh Mujibur Rahman against a pixelated background, accompanied by an electrotype bank logo and the denomination “100.”

The year 2022 signifies the banknote’s inception, highlighting its relevance in contemporary transactions. The banknote’s introduction into circulation occurred on June 26th, 2022, marking a significant event in the nation’s financial landscape.

Fazle Kabir’s signature adds an element of authority and credibility, further solidifying the banknote’s status as a trusted instrument of monetary exchange.

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