Barbados 50 dollars banknote

The Barbadian banknote is bright orange in color and measures 65 x 150 mm. It has a denomination of 50 dollars, which is equivalent to US$25.00 or €21.49. The banknote is made from polymer and features the Guardian polymer technology.

The front of the banknote has the Barbados coat of arms, along with the image of Errol Barrow and a trident. On the back, there is an image of Independence Square in Bridgetown, featuring a statue of Errol Barrow.

Unlike some other banknotes, this Barbadian banknote does not have a security thread, making it a unique addition to the collection. The banknote is printed by De La Rue, a company based in London, England.

The banknote does not have a watermark, which is another distinguishing feature of this particular currency. The banknote was introduced in 2022 and was first circulated on 05.12.2022. It is signed by Cleviston Haynes, adding further value to this banknote.

Overall, the Barbadian 50-dollar banknote is a vibrant and unique piece of currency, featuring iconic images of the country’s history and culture. Its polymer material, lack of security thread, and absence of watermark make it an interesting and valuable addition to any currency collection.

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