Paper Money Book

The banknote features Radzivil castle located in Nyesvizh, which is in the Minsk district, on the front side. On the back side, there is a collage on the theme of theater and folk holidays, featuring a violin.

It has a security thread with a holographic windowed security thread that has demetalized Br100. The printer of the banknote is the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Goznak” from Russia (FGU). The watermark on the banknote depicts Radziwills’ Castle and an electrotype 100.

The banknote was introduced on July 1st, 2016, and has a date of 2022. There is no signature present on the banknote, and its prefix includes ЕА, ЕВ, ЕК, ЕМ; EH (which has been in circulation since 2018). In case of a replacement, the banknote features a serial prefix of # XX.

It is worth noting that the banknote is part of the Honor region and is associated with Minsk.

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