Paper Money Book

The 200 Escudos banknote P-76; B-222, valued at US$2.10 or €1.81, carries within its design a rich tapestry of significance. Measuring 124 x 63 mm, it blends the colors of rose and yellow, creating an aura of vibrancy and heritage.

The front of the note is graced by the picturesque Fogo Island, a tribute to nature’s splendor and a homage to Henrique Teixeira de Sousa, whose life spanned from 1919 to 2019. This serves as both a visual delight and a memorial to a remarkable individual. As we turn the note, the majestic Pico do Fogo graces the back, capturing the essence of the land’s majesty.

Security is paramount, underscored by the 2-mm wide windowed fluorescent rainbow-type security thread. This thread possesses magnetic and automatic reading properties, adorned with the demetalized letters “BCV 200,” serving as a sentinel against counterfeiting attempts. The watermark, bearing the visage of Henrique Teixeira de Sousa, further enhances the note’s security.

Dated on September 6, 2019, this banknote’s existence is a testament to an individual’s legacy and the craftsmanship of its design. Its introduction on January 8, 2021, marked a significant moment, weaving this note into the fabric of everyday commerce.

The signatures of João Serra (O Governador) and Antónia Lopes (O Administrador), provide not just a touch of authenticity, but a connection to the individuals who steward the financial realm. In this 200 Escudos banknote, history, nature, and human endeavor converge, encapsulating the essence of a land and its people.

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