Paper Money Book

25th anniversary of the founding of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) on 1 January 1997

The new currency notes that will be introduced in early 2023 will showcase the stunning colors of dark brown, light brown, and orange. The front side of the note will feature English text, scallop shells, a map, a holographic patch with CIMA 25th Anniversary logo, coat of arms, and an image of Queen Elizabeth II.

On the back side of the note, you will find English text, a scallop shell, and the magnificent Hawksbill turtle along with other fish and coral. The note is equipped with a holographic windowed security thread that will ensure its authenticity.

To prevent counterfeiting, the note is printed with a watermark of a turtle, an electrotype of CIMA, and Cornerstones. The printer responsible for this stunning piece of currency is DE LA RUE, a world-renowned company.

The note measures 156 x 66 mm and has a prefix of D/4. With the expected introduction in early 2023, it will be interesting to see the reception this new note will receive. With its intricate design and advanced security features, it is sure to impress.

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