Cayman Islands new 70 dollar banknote

One-Year Anniversary of Passing Away of Elizabeth II and Her Platinum Jubilee

The banknote P-47 and B-227 is valued at 70 Dollars (equivalent to US$81.90 or €72.21). It features a color scheme of brown and grey and has dimensions measuring 156 x 66 mm.

On the front side of the banknote, you’ll find a variety of significant elements, including a crown used as a registration device, images of a fish and a map, the royal cipher of Queen Elizabeth II (ERII), the coat of arms, and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II herself.

On the reverse side of the banknote, there are three portraits of Queen Elizabeth II. Among these portraits, one depicts her holding a bouquet of flowers during her visit to the Cayman Islands in 1983. You’ll also find the ERII royal cipher and the crown as a registration device on the back.

This banknote incorporates several security features, including a holographic windowed security thread to deter counterfeiting. It was printed by De La Rue in London, England (DLR). The watermark on the banknote includes a turtle, an electrotype with the acronym CIMA, and cornerstones.

The banknote is dated 2022 and carries the prefix “Q/1”. It was introduced into circulation on the 12th of October, 2023, with a total quantity of 10,000 notes in circulation. The banknote is signed by Cindy Scotland and Panton.

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