Paper Money Book


The 20 Yuan banknote, P-920; B-4127 with a value equivalent to US$2.93 or €2.52, this particular banknote stands out with its vibrant color palette, blending shades of yellow, orange, and brown. Notably, it is crafted from polymer, a durable and modern material, measuring a compact 70 x 145 mm.

The obverse of the note features a striking composition, incorporating the National emblem of the People’s Republic of China. Accompanying this emblem is the depiction of a dragon, a symbol deeply rooted in Chinese culture, with the denomination highlighted in green SPARK Optical. The use of SPARK Optical adds a layer of complexity to the design, contributing to the note’s security features.

On the reverse side, a captivating scene unfolds. Three children are showcased engaging in a traditional dragon dance, surrounded by the warm glow of traditional lanterns. This imagery not only adds an aesthetic appeal to the banknote but also reflects the rich cultural heritage and celebrations of the Chinese people.

This banknote doesn’t a security thread nor watermark. The responsibility for the production of this note lies with CBPM, the China Banknote Printing company, known for its expertise in producing currency.

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