Paper Money Book

The 10,000 Colones banknote, P-283 and B-567, carries a value of US$16.73 or €14.38. Its vibrant color palette of green beautifully complements its dimensions, measuring 146 x 67 mm. Made from durable GUARDIAN™ polymer, this banknote represents a harmonious blend of modernity and resilience.

The obverse side of the banknote prominently features José Figueres Ferrer, a significant figure in Costa Rican history, alongside a depiction of the momentous event of the Abolition of the Army. This portrayal encapsulates the nation’s commitment to peace and progress.

Flipping the note reveals a captivating tableau: an orchid flower, a mushroom cap, a three-toed sloth, and various birds. The upper left corner showcases ‘BOSQUE LLUVIOSO,’ signifying the importance of the rainforest ecosystem.

A solid security thread reinforces the banknote’s security, ensuring its authenticity and deterring counterfeit attempts. Notably, this banknote does not feature a watermark, relying on other innovative security elements.

The date “20 de Setiembre de 2019” carries historical significance, marking an event of great importance. This banknote belongs to the “C” series and was introduced into circulation on October 15th, 2021, representing a recent addition to the nation’s currency.

The signatures of Rodrigo José Juan Cubero Brealey and Eduardo Prado Zúñiga grace the banknote, lending an air of authority and authenticity, underscoring the banknote’s status as a reliable and credible medium of monetary exchange.

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