Costa Rica new 1000 colones banknote

The 1,000 Colones banknote, P-280 and B-564, holds a value of US$1.67 or €1.44. It boasts a captivating red hue and exhibits dimensions of 125 x 67 mm. Crafted from durable GUARDIAN™ polymer, this banknote harmoniously blends innovation and practicality.

The obverse side of the banknote prominently features Braulio Carillo Colina, a notable figure in Costa Rican history, alongside a map that outlines the contours of Costa Rica. This depiction encapsulates the nation’s geographical and cultural significance.

Turning the note reveals a captivating panorama: the Guanacaste tree, a white-tailed deer, and the Costa Rica Pitahaya cactus flower. The upper left corner is adorned with ‘BOSQUE SECO,’ underscoring the importance of the dry forest ecosystem.

A solid security thread further bolsters the banknote’s security, upholding its integrity and deterring counterfeiting. Notably, this banknote does not feature a watermark, making use of other innovative security measures.

The date “20 de Setiembre de 2019” marks an important moment in time, commemorating an event or milestone. This banknote belongs to the “C” series, and its introduction into circulation occurred on October 15th, 2021, adding a fresh addition to the nation’s currency landscape.

The signatures of Rodrigo José Juan Cubero Brealey and Eduardo Prado Zúñiga grace the banknote, lending an air of authority and authenticity to the note’s significance as a trusted instrument of monetary exchange.

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