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Security features

Disney Dollars were printed by the U.S. Bank Note Company. The paper is 100% cotton, which gives the notes the look and feel of real money.

All Disney dollars have security features added to them.

Disney dollars are created with anti-counterfeiting features such as micro printing, and hard to scan/copy reflective ink and imprinting on the front and back of the bill. In addition, the Disney dollar notes are printed with unique serial numbers and series letters which are unique to each Disney dollar and theme park.

These numbers and letters are specific and individual to each bill in order of when they are printed, from 00000001 to 99999999.  However each set of bills has a limited quantity, some may be a small printed amount, such as for the limited edition $50, or large quantities for the $1.


The Disney note will have a Scrooge McDuck signature on every bill. Scrooge McDuck is the signing treasurer.


Tinker Bell has always graced the Disney dollar being a key element found on each side since the first 1987.


  1. Microprinting can be found on the front of the $10 bill since 1990.
  2. Reflective Material has been used since 1996 (pixie dust).
  3. Serial are included on the bills to differentiate each bill and provides a number system for keeping track of available bills. The Starting letter indictates the location the bill was released.

4. Fine print can be found on the back of all Disney Dollars beginning in 1996.
5. The intaglio printing method give the bill a textured feel.

Disney dollars have small bits of glitter scattered on them on later series and this is referred to as Pixie Dust.

Example of Pixie Dust