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The 2-dollar banknote, P-61; B-245, is a captivating piece of currency distinguished by its multicolored design and innovative use of polymer material. Measuring 69 x 145 mm, this note integrates SAFEGUARD® technology, highlighting a commitment to durability and advanced security features.

On the obverse side, the banknote showcases a conch shell alongside the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank building in Basseterre, St. Kitts. The focal point is Sir Isaac Vivian “Viv” Alexander Richards, a cricket legend known as “The Master Blaster,” depicted wielding a cricket bat. Commemorating the 40th anniversary, a dedicated logo enhances the visual narrative.

Flipping the note reveals a reverse side featuring the 40th-anniversary logo prominently. Marine life takes center stage with depictions of fish, coral, turtles, and a map of the Lesser Antilles. This thematic representation aligns with the region’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage.

No security thread or watermark on this 2-dollar banknote. De La Rue, a reputable London-based printing company (DLR), undertakes the responsibility of bringing this banknote to life.

The note’s date of issue remains unspecified (ND), yet its official introduction on December 6, 2023, marks a significant milestone. The polymer composition not only ensures longevity but also aligns with contemporary trends in currency design, showcasing a fusion of tradition and technological progress.

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