Eastern Caribbean States new 5 dollars


The 5 Dollars banknote P-56; B-240, with a value of US$1.85 or €1.59, is a testament to both financial worth and the beauty of nature. Its dimensions, measuring 69 x 145 mm, make it a compact representation of cultural and natural treasures. Fashioned from the innovative SAFEGUARD® polymer, it stands as a shield against counterfeit attempts and a symbol of modern security.

The front of the banknote introduces us to the regal visage of Elizabeth II, a nod to historical ties. Alongside her image, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank building in Basseterre, St. Kitts, stands as a beacon of financial stability. The enchanting hummingbird, a symbol of grace and vibrancy, completes this tableau. As we flip the note, the captivating Trafalgar Falls in Dominica takes center stage, a testament to the raw beauty of nature. Adjacent to it, the Admiral’s House in Antigua echoes the island’s colonial past.

Security is ingeniously woven into the design. While the absence of a security thread might seem surprising, the SAFEGUARD® polymer itself is a bulwark against counterfeit attempts, exemplifying the innovation in modern currency design.

De La Rue, hailing from London, England, and renowned for their precision, is the mastermind behind this banknote’s creation, combining artistry with security.

While lacking a traditional watermark, this note doesn’t compromise on authenticity. Dated as “ND” (no date), it captures the essence of 2021, a moment in time. The signature of Timothy N. J. Antoine, the Governor, is a seal of authority, a mark of the note’s legitimacy.

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