Paper Money Book

The 20-pound (US$1.27; €1.09) banknote P-82 and B-344, features a captivating green color and possesses dimensions of 132 x 69 mm. Constructed using the durable GUARDIAN™ polymer material, this currency showcases a blend of remarkable design elements.

On the front side of the banknote, one can behold the majestic Mohammed Ali mosque situated in Cairo. Its intricate architecture and grandeur serve as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Egypt.

Flipping the banknote to its reverse side reveals an array of captivating imagery. The prominent centerpiece is a depiction of the iconic Pyramid, a symbol deeply ingrained in Egyptian history and mythology. Adjacent to it, a war chariot reminds us of the valor and military prowess associated with the ancient civilization. Finally, a statue of the goddess Isis graces the scene, representing power, femininity, and divine protection.

When examining the security features of the banknote, one notable absence is the lack of a security thread, which adds an additional layer of protection against counterfeiting attempts on many banknotes worldwide. However, the absence of a security thread is compensated by other advanced security measures incorporated into the design.

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) assumes the responsibility of printing this banknote, ensuring its integrity and authenticity. As for the watermark, none is present on the banknote, distinguishing it from currencies that incorporate this security feature.

The banknote bears the no date and his introduction was in 20th of June of 2023. This date serves as a point of reference for the banknote’s introduction and subsequent usage within the economy.

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