Fiji 7-dollars comemmorative banknote

Celebration of the Fiji Rugby 7s Bronze and Gold Medal Wins

The banknote holds a value of 7 dollars, with corresponding amounts of US$3.25 and €2.79.

Front Design: The vibrant front design captures the energy of rugby, symbolized by the prominent image of a rugby ball as a registration device. Alongside it, a representation of a bronze medal pays tribute to the achievements of the Fijiana Rugby 7s Bronze Olympians. The team is portrayed united in a celebratory huddle, showcasing their dedication and teamwork.

Back Design: The back design tells the story of the Fiji Rugby 7s Gold Olympians through a series of significant moments. Captain Jerry Tuwai’s gesture of gratitude and devotion to God stands as a testament to the team’s faith and values. Accompanying scenes depict the triumphant medal ceremony of the Gold Olympians and Coach Gareth Baber deep in contemplation, representing the strategic aspects of the sport. The imagery is completed by a prominent depiction of a gold medal and a rugby ball, emblematic of rugby’s essence.

Security Thread: The inclusion of a 2mm-wide security thread, with a simulated windowed appearance, is a sophisticated security measure. The word “RUGBY 7” is demetalized within the thread, adding an extra layer of protection against counterfeit attempts.

Printer: The banknote is proudly crafted by Francois-Charles Oberthur Fiduciaire (FCOF), a distinguished printing establishment based in France known for its high-quality security printing.

Watermark: The watermark portrays Reapi Ulunisau running with a rugby ball, subtly integrated into the banknote’s design. This watermark is an assurance of the banknote’s authenticity and origin.

Date of Introduction: While the banknote itself lacks a specific issuance date (ND), its official introduction is marked as March 28, 2022, making it a symbol of that significant date.

Signature: The signature of Mr. Ariff Ali, the esteemed Governor, serves as a validation of the banknote’s legitimacy and adherence to official standards.

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