Paper Money Book

The 88 cents (US$0.41; €0.35) Fiji banknote, P-123 and BNP513 is a legal tender issued by the Reserve Bank of Fiji. The banknote has been designed with advanced security features to prevent counterfeiting and to ensure its authenticity in the financial market.

The banknote is predominantly yellow in color and has dimensions of 156 x 76 mm. The front of the banknote features a hibiscus flower in gold-to-green optically variable ink (OVI), which changes color when viewed from different angles. The flower is in high resolution and features intricate line work and microprinting to prevent replication. The front of the banknote also has the denomination in large font, acting as a registration device. Additionally, the coat of arms and another hibiscus flower are also present on the front.

The back of the banknote depicts piles of coins, the god of wealth and a money tree, the bank logo, and the denomination in large font, also acting as a registration device.

One of the key security features on this banknote is the holographic PUREIMAGE windowed security thread with demetalized 88 and diamonds. This feature can be viewed under UV light and helps to authenticate the banknote, making it difficult to counterfeit. The banknote also features a watermark of a hibiscus flower and electrotype 88, which is visible when held up to light.

The banknote was printed by De La Rue, London, a well-known printing house that produces banknotes for various countries. The banknote bears no date of issue, with the prefix AA and an introduction date of 08.08.2022. The banknote features the signature of Ali.

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