Paper Money Book

The 200 Quetzales banknote, P-127 and B-611, holds a value of US$25.72 or €22.11. It showcases an elegant blue hue, its dimensions measuring 156 x 68 mm, a size that’s both substantial and distinguishable.

On the front side of the banknote, the denomination itself acts as a registration device. Noteworthy figures Germán Alcántara, Mariano Valverde, and Sebastián Hurtado grace this side, accompanied by a gold-to-green SPARK Orbital clef note.

Turning the note reveals a captivating scene: the musical notes of “La Flor del Café” composed by G. Alcántara, alongside the xylophone (marimba) of S. Hurtado. The weathered façade is an allegory to “Noche de Luna entre Ruinas” by M. Valverde. The denomination, once again, serves as a registration device, offering both visual interest and security.

For heightened security, a windowed security thread is incorporated, featuring demetalized characters “200BG.” Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) in Germany is responsible for printing this banknote, ensuring a level of quality and authenticity that aligns with their reputation.

The watermark is a collaboration of artistry and security, portraying the figures of Hurtado, Valverde, and Alcántara against an electrotype 200.

The date “27 DE MAYO DE 2020” commemorates an important moment, marking a noteworthy event or occasion. The banknote’s prefix is “H” with a suffix of “A,” contributing to its distinctiveness. Its introduction into circulation occurred in 2021, adding a fresh element to the nation’s currency landscape.

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