Guyana new 2000 Dollars banknote

“55TH ONE GUYANA Independence Anniversary” commemorative issue

The 2000 Dollars banknote P-42; B-121, with a value of US$9.56 or €8.22, is a masterful blend of artistry and advanced security features. Measuring 156 x 65 mm, this note stands as a symbol of Guyana’s pride and identity, draped in a multitude of colors, thanks to its innovative GUARDIAN™ polymer composition.

The front of the banknote is a canvas that showcases Guyana’s essence. The Bank of Guyana’s logo takes center stage, set against the backdrop of the national flag, representing unity and sovereignty. The outline of Guyana itself graces the note, a reminder of its geographical beauty. The color-changing security device, Victoria amazonica, adds a layer of enchantment while serving as a symbol of security. The anniversary logo, “55TH ONE GUYANA Independence Anniversary,” commemorates a significant milestone.

Turning the note, the back is adorned with the portraits of children representing Guyana’s six ethnic groups, a reflection of its diverse tapestry. The Wai-Wai pattern further embellishes the note, nodding to indigenous art and culture.

The security features woven into this note are a marvel. The large transparent window, ink color-changing effect, and raised printing combine aesthetics with safeguarding measures. The TOUCH™ tactile element aids the visually impaired, ensuring inclusivity. The dynamic color-changing flower and the gold pattern around the window add an air of mystique. Under UV light, hidden features come to life, affirming the note’s authenticity.

Undated and bearing the prefix “AA,” this banknote signifies a timeless connection to Guyana’s identity. The signatures of Bobind Ganga and Bharrat Jagdeo seal its authority.

CCL Secure’s GUARDIAN™ article.

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