Paper Money Book

This banknote is a beautiful shade of green and is a representation of Guyana’s culture and wildlife. The front of the note features English text alongside a denomination as a registration device, a diamond, the bank logo, a map, and a leopard head on a leaf as a gold-to-green SPARK Live Truspin feature.

The back of the note also features English text, alongside an image of the hoatzin, Guyana’s national bird, in flight over a river in the rainforest. Additionally, there is an image of the hoatzin perched on a branch, as well as a denomination as a registration device. To ensure its authenticity, the banknote has a 5-mm wide gold-to-green Pulsar windowed security thread.

The watermark of the banknote features the head of a Red Macaw parrot and an electrotype 5000. This watermark helps to distinguish the banknote from counterfeit currency and adds to its overall value.

The banknote is printed by OBERTHUR fiduciaire and measures 156 x 65 mm. It is made from paper and does not feature a date. The banknote is signed by Ganga and Jagdeo, further adding to its collector’s value.

Overall, the banknote is a stunning representation of Guyana’s wildlife and culture, making it a valuable addition to any currency collection. The banknote was introduced on 20.12.2022, making it a recent addition to Guyana’s currency offerings.

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