Paper Money Book

“200th Anniversary of independence”

The 200 Lempiras banknote P-105 and B-355 showcases a captivating blend of cultural and natural elements, adorned in a rich Greeb hue, measuring 156 x 67 mm.

On the front side, the banknote proudly features the nation’s flag, a symbol of unity and pride. Accompanying it are illustrations portraying the significance of “Education” through a book and the presence of children. The historic Government House of the Province of Honduras (1821) stands as a testament to the country’s heritage.

Flipping the banknote reveals the reverse side, graced by the Biosphere of Rio Plátano, capturing the lush beauty of Honduras’ natural landscape. Adding vibrancy are the light red aras, echoing the diversity of the local fauna.

The incorporation of security measures is meticulous, with a safety thread boasting two distinct 3D effects. The banknote is proudly crafted by G+D Currency Technology in Germany, known for their precision in currency production.

Imprinted with finesse, a multi-tonal watermark is a subtle nod to history, commemorating the date of Honduras’ declaration of independence. This watermark is an exquisite portrayal, resembling parchment and featuring a feather. The watermark further encompasses the bank’s initials “BCH,” rendered in striking high resolution.

The banknote was designed with attention to detail and issued on October 24, 2019. Its prefix, “A,” is accompanied by an introduction in September 2021. With a limited quantity of 20,000,000 notes, this currency bears the signatures of Wilfredo Cerrato R., Aracely O’Hara Guillen, and Rocio I. Tabora Morales.

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