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Here you will find all world current and commemorative banknotes and an enormous quantity of obsolete banknotes, all weeks this number is always growing up to cover all world as soon as possible. Be sure, this is a unique catalog.


The available information

In the top:

  • Official country name ex: ‘Albania (Republic of Albania)’.
  • Click in the bank logo to access to the central bank website.
  • Click in the flag or in the arms to access country description in Wikipedia.
  • Currency name and subdivision, ISO code.
  • All text in BLUE are internal or Wikipedia external links with more information.

Obsolete banknotes refers to paper money issued by entities other than the federal government, e.g. state banks, railroads, merchants, state and local governments. The money issued by state banks makes up the largest portion of obsolete currency, also commonly referred to as “Broken Banknotes”. Discontinued bills, which are no longer printed or widely distributed, still retain their face value, whereas obsolete money has no face value.

Rare in circulation

These banknotes officially still in circulation but rarely seen. When a new banknote or new family of banknotes is issued, the central bank stop the printing of the older ones, they are gradually withdrawn from circulation until disappears.

Current banknotes are legal tender banknotes that Central Bank still printing, when Central Bank stop the printing they become Rare in circulation (see explanation back).

  • Denomination of each banknote (banknotes are presented in order of denomination).
  • If the banknote is in polymer or hybrid that information is next to the denomination otherwise banknotes are in cotton paper.
  • Face value in USD and EUR.
  • Following by the SCWPM* (Standard Catalog of World Paper Money) number, indicated by ‘P’ and TBB (The Banknote Book) number, indicated by ‘B’. 
  • Banknote main color and dimensions.

* Regarding the numbering of the Pick numbers, we follow the logical sequence of that numbering, thus giving the respective continuity.

Front and back description, security features, printer, watermark, date (printed in banknote), and intro (date when the banknote enter in circulation).

Commemorative banknotes are all banknotes issued to commemorate a date or occasion, this banknotes can also circulates. All withdrawn commemorative banknotes still appearing in this catalog.

In the end of the listed banknotes of each country appears some useful information:

Withdrawn from circulation

The reference about these banknotes appears only if the banknote still exchangeable, banknotes not in circulation and not exchangeable are valueless, in this case no reference in this database.

Terms of import and export of currencies

If a country has restrictions about his own currency or foreign currencies is related here.


Some additional and useful information.

New issues

Information about future issues if known.