Paper Money Book

60th Anniversary of Independence” Commemorative Issue

Dr. the Hon. Nigel Clarke, who serves as the Minister of Finance and the Public Service, presented the new series of Jamaican banknotes during the opening of the 2022/23 Budget Debate in the House of Representatives on March 8, 2022. These banknotes will be made available to the public later this year.

The new banknotes feature a fresh design, and they will feature The Most Hon. Michael Manley and The Most Hon. Edward Seaga together on the $2,000 banknote. Additionally, The Right Excellent Paul Bogle and The Right Excellent George William Gordon will appear together on the upgraded $50 banknote. The Right Excellent Marcus Garvey will appear alone on the upgraded $100 banknote.

The upgraded $500 banknote will feature The Right Excellent Nanny of the Maroons and The Right Excellent Sam Sharpe together, while the upgraded $1,000 banknote will showcase the Right Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante and the Right Excellent Norman Manley, both of whom were founding fathers of modern Jamaica, together on the banknote.

Finally, the upgraded $5,000 banknote will feature the Most Hon. Donald Sangster and the Most Hon. Hugh Shearer together.

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