Jordan new 1 dinar banknote

The 1 Dinar (US$1.41 or €1.21) banknote, P-39 and B-235, measures 133 x 74 mm and comes in a stunning green and orange color combination.

The front of the banknote features a crown as a registration device alongside the portrait of Sherif Hussein Ibn Ali, with a mountain and plants in the background. The back of the note showcases the Rosefinch of Petra and Rum, with a crown as a registration device.

To ensure its authenticity, the banknote has a solid security thread and windowed holographic security thread with demetalized 1. These security measures make it difficult to counterfeit the banknote and provide peace of mind to those using it.

The printer of the banknote is currently unknown, adding to its intrigue and collectability. The watermark of the banknote features Sharif Hussein Bin Ali and electrotype 1 with Arabic text. This watermark helps to distinguish the banknote from counterfeit currency and adds to its overall value.

The banknote is dated 2022 and was introduced on 26.12.2022. It is signed by Al-Ississ and Ziad Fariz, adding to its collector’s value. Overall, the 1 Dinar banknote is a stunning representation of Jordan’s culture and history, making it a valuable addition to any currency collection.

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