Paper Money Book

The 500 Som banknote, P-38; B.239, valued at US$6.30 or €5.42, boasts a rich violet color and measures 144 x 68 mm.

Its front design features an elaborate ornament with the denomination in gold-to-jade Optically Variable Ink (OVI), accompanied by a portrait of the renowned “Manas” storyteller Sayakbai Karalaev. Behind him, majestic mountains adorn the scene, with a diamond pattern serving as a registration device. On the reverse side, the diamond pattern repeats, alongside the Mausoleum of Manas, another significant cultural symbol, set against a backdrop of mountains.

To ensure its authenticity, the banknote incorporates a RAPID HD Detect windowed security thread. Additionally, a watermark featuring Sayakbai Karalaev alongside an electrotype 500 enhances its security features.

Dated 2023, this banknote was introduced on May 10 of the same year, bearing the signature of Kubanychbek Bokontayev, further affirming its legitimacy. Through its intricate design elements and robust security features, the 500 Som banknote pays homage to cultural heritage while upholding trust and reliability in circulation.

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