Macau BNU 10-pataca ‘Year of ox’ 2021

Celebrates the chinese zodiac 2021 – Year of Ox

The 10 Patacas banknote P-88F; B-192, with a value of US$1.25 or €1.08, boasts a vibrant red hue and measures 138 x 69 mm. This note encapsulates both cultural symbolism and monetary worth, making it a captivating piece of currency.

The front of the banknote features the revered Ox, a symbol of diligence and strength, embodying the traits associated with its zodiac representation. As we turn the note, a tableau of significance unfolds: the Banco Nacional Ultramarino takes center stage, a testament to financial stability and national identity. Adjacent to it stands the A-Ma Temple, a spiritual beacon that resonates with Macau’s rich history.

Security is paramount, as evidenced by the 4-mm wide windowed security thread, adorned with the demetalized numeral 10. This advanced feature not only thwarts counterfeit attempts but also underscores the note’s value and authenticity. Crafted by the esteemed Hong Kong Note Printing, Limited (HKNP), this note reflects their commitment to precision and craftsmanship, where art and security seamlessly intersect.

Embedded in the fabric of the note’s design, the watermark reveals a lotus flower alongside the electrotype 10, embodying purity and value in their essence. Bearing the date January 1, 2021, this note’s introduction marked the commencement of a new year and a fresh chapter in Macau’s financial landscape.

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