Macau BOC 10-pataca ‘Year of ox’ 2021

Celebrates the chinese zodiac 2021 – Year of Ox

The 10 Patacas banknote P-124; B-228, valued at US$1.25 or €1.08, carries a vivid aura with its red hue, measuring 138 x 69 mm. It encapsulates both symbolism and culture, showcasing the ox zodiac sign.

On the front, the noble Ox takes center stage, embodying traits of diligence and determination. This zodiac representation reflects a blend of tradition and the passing of time. Flipping the note reveals a captivating tableau: the Banco da China in Macau stands prominently, an institution of financial strength. Adjacent to it, the A-Ma Temple, a testament to Macau’s spiritual heritage, graces the scene. The Ox, once more, serves as a bridge between these two worlds, connecting finance and faith.

Security is paramount, evident through the 4-mm wide windowed security thread with the demetalized numeral 10. This sophisticated feature both safeguards against counterfeit attempts and pays tribute to the note’s value. Crafted by the esteemed Hong Kong Note Printing Limited, this note attests to their commitment to precision and quality, symbolizing the nexus between artistry and security.

Immersed in history, the watermark portrays a lotus flower alongside the electrotype 10, subtle yet profound symbols of purity and value. Bearing the date January 1, 2021, this note’s introduction marked a new year and a fresh chapter in Macau’s financial narrative.

The signature of Wang Shaojun serves as a seal of authority, a testament to the note’s legitimacy. In this 10 Patacas banknote, history converges with modernity, tradition coalesces with innovation, and culture melds with currency. It represents not only a monetary denomination but a vessel carrying the essence of Macau’s identity and aspirations.

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