Paper Money Book

Celebrates the chinese zodiac 2022 – Year of Tiger

The 10 Patacas banknote is dated 01.01.2022, and is equivalent to US$1.25 and €1.08, with paper money catalog numbers P-125 and B-229. It features a vibrant red color and has dimensions of 138 x 69 mm.

On the front side of the banknote, you will find an impressive depiction of a tiger, symbolizing strength and power. This image represents the zodiac sign associated with the year of its issuance, adding a touch of symbolism and cultural significance to the design.

Flipping the banknote to its back side, you will encounter significant landmarks and symbols. The Banco da China (Macau), a prominent financial institution, takes a prominent position. The A-Ma temple, a famous cultural and historical site, is also showcased. Additionally, another representation of a tiger is present on the back of the banknote, further emphasizing the significance of this majestic animal.

To enhance security, a 4-mm wide security thread is incorporated into the banknote. This thread includes a windowed section and the demetalized number 10. These security features help deter counterfeiting attempts, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the banknote.

The banknote is printed by Hong Kong Note Printing Limited, a reputable printing company. Their expertise ensures the high-quality production and accurate depiction of the banknote’s design elements.

A watermark featuring a delicate lotus flower and an electrotype representation of the number 10 is present on the banknote. This watermark serves as an additional security feature, aiding in the authentication of the banknote’s validity.

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