Paper Money Book

The 20 Rufiyaa banknote P-A22; B-125.5, valued at US$0.54 or €0.46, is a remarkable fusion of artistry and technology, bearing dimensions of 130 x 65 mm and adorned in a captivating red hue. Crafted from the advanced GUARDIAN™ polymer, it stands as a testament to modern security measures and durability.

The front of the banknote features an open book on a stand, symbolizing knowledge and learning. Adjacent to it, the majestic Great Mosque of Gataga in Kaédi (Gorgol Region) graces the scene, reflecting both cultural heritage and architectural brilliance. Turning the note, the back showcases the geological wonder of Guelb Errichât, often referred to as the “Eye of Africa,” an awe-inspiring natural formation. The open book on the stand makes a return, reinforcing the theme of knowledge and continuity.

In this note, security is ingeniously integrated into the very fabric of its design. The absence of a security thread is compensated by the advanced polymer composition itself, exemplifying the marriage of aesthetics and protection.

Crafted by the Canadian Bank Note Company (CBNC) in Canada, this note reflects their expertise in security printing and artistic design. Their involvement is a guarantee of precision and quality.

The watermark, a subtle shadow image, adds to the note’s authenticity and visual depth. Dated on November 28, 2020, this banknote’s creation marked a significant juncture. The prefix/suffix “X/AA” paves the way for a series of notes united by their heritage.

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